Winter & Spring 2022:  If you are here for the first time, welcome!  I hope you enjoy my adventures of being a small city do-gooder and enjoy the comedy that ensues.  If you are looking to get the FREE printed comic, head to the STORE to order - it is still free.  And do not forget your CODE, as found in one of my new nationwide advertisements. 

UPDATE: Hopefully all of you are doing well.  2021 was slow but still eventful.  A great milestone was reached with issue #25 being in optional anaglyph 3D, a national advertising campaign was used to promote my mini-comic, the cicadas returned to our city by the millions, I finally released an old video I created of the first CinciGnat comic presented in a silent-film style: THE LIBRARY ISSUE , I participated in an online sketch event as part of the S.P.A.C.E. 2021 programming, August was the revised date for Free Comic Book Day which saw the debut of issue #26, the Latonia Halloween Block Party in Kentucky saw trick-or-treaters getting a CinciGnat mini comic, and my annual winter holiday card giveaway was a big success.

So have you checked out the new issue?  You need to, as from now on, each issue will feature two separate guest artists with their CinciGnat renditions on a flip cover.  Some major surprises on whose artwork you will soon see - issue #26 is practically SOLD OUT!

Next issue is due out in just a couple of months, see you then.  Stay safe & healthy!