A listing of all of my issues is posted here, with covers and "FUN FACTS".  This page may not be viewable on some mobile devices.


The library issue

May 2013 - 100 copies

June 2013 - 250 copies

April 2014 - 200 copies

FUN FACT: This first issue was created as an entry to The Cincinnati Library's own comic con.  This was inspired shortly after taking a mini-comic class from Matt Feazell.


The Covington issue

Sept. 2013 - 250 copies

April 2014 - 200 copies

FUN FACT: Whack Burger was a great comic-themed restaurant in Covington, Kentucky.


The "cold" issue

Feb. 2014 - 400 copies

FUN FACT: This cover eventually donned the front of a Christmas holiday card sent out to supporting shops & friends.


The cereal box issue

May 2014 - 500 copies

FUN FACT: This issue was the first with an extra insert, a free Wacky Package sticker, and was my first available on Free Comic Book Day (FCBD).


The Bug vs. Bat issue

Oct. 2014 - 500 copies

FUN FACT: This became the first of many issues centered around the Halloween holiday with a Peanuts inspired cover, expanding the comic to 12 pages.


The Covington 200th Anniversary issue

Feb. 2015 - 1,200 copies

FUN FACT: Not only having the largest print run to date, this issue was available at many Covington anniversary events & features local landmarks. 


The Metal Man "Part 1" issue

May 2015 - 500 copies

FUN FACT: YouBert, an iconic symbol of Cincinnati, makes his first comic debut in my second FCBD comic.


The Metal Man "Part 2" issue

Aug. 2015 - 600 copies

FUN FACT: Some of my favorite characters are on the cover.  A few months later, the real YouBert was never seen again.


The "Bed Bug" issue

Oct. 2015 - 600 copies

FUN FACT: The top of the front cover has "real feel" bugs embossed on it; just rub your finger lightly to feel them.  This was the first time I contributed to The Latonia Halloween Block Party.


The "Queen" issue

Feb. 2016 - 600 copies



The baseball issue

May 2016 - 800 copies

FUN FACT: The cover represents the jersey of baseball legend, #11 Barry Larkin.  Also, this marked these firsts: DaCat appearance & a comic-store signing.  It was another FCBD too.


The ice cream issue

Aug. 2016 - 800 copies

FUN FACT: ???  


The unlucky issue

Oct. 2016 - 1,000 copies

FUN FACT: The number 13 appears on almost every page.


The "uneventful" issue

Feb. 2017 - 1,000 copies

FUN FACT: This issue has #14 Pete Rose on the cover.  Also, there is a reference to the recent influx of filming in our local area.


The cicadas issue

May 2017 - 1,200 copies

FUN FACT: These insects will return to our area in 2021.  Also, another FCBD offer. 


The "ton" issue

Aug. 2017 - 750 copies

FUN FACT: The comic expanded to 16 pages.


The bungle issue

Oct. 2017 - 750 copies

FUN FACT: A modernized logo appears on the cover.


The Presidents' Day Sale issue

Feb. 2018 - 750 copies

FUN FACT: The first issue to be drawn digitally. 


The bus issue

May 2018 - 1,000 copies

FUN FACT: Bus passes (valued at either $10.00 or $13.50) were randomly inserted in local copies, in celebration of Cincignat's 5th birthday on FCBD.


The steamboat issue

Aug. 2018 - 750 copies

FUN FACT: The cover is a nod to Mickey Mouse's first cartoon appearance, celebrating his 90th anniversary.


The buckeye issue

Nov. 2018 - 750 copies

FUN FACT: The cover inspired by the Ohio State University mascot.


The Flu Bug "Part 1" issue

March 2019 - 750 copies

FUN FACT: Page one has a visual reference to the popular TV show Stranger Things.


The Flu Bug "Part 2" issue

May 2019 - 750 copies

FUN FACT: The first 25 copies given out at FCBD had color covers.  This issue also has the word "shot" on every storyline page & maze puzzles.


The number "24" issue

October 2019 - 750 copies

FUN FACT: 12 references for the number 24, which are hidden one per comic storyline page.  Also inside is a cut out trading card of a famous basketball player.



The glasses issue

March 2021 - 750 copies

3D version - 100 copies

FUN FACT: milestone issue #25, references about vision & glasses plus our observatory, usable eye chart, and the old logo.  Also, a limited amount were printed in anaglyph 3D color with supplied mini-glasses.



The Brood X issue

August 2021 - 600 copies

FUN FACT: first issue to have a flip-cover with 2 guest cover artists.  I started approaching other artists back in 2017.

Guest artists:

Crystal Gonzalez &

Adam Hughes